Will He Be Stopped?

Decree From Emperor Obama

A Powerful Prophetic Promise for the Weary

I Am Putting My Pieces In Order - Sis. Nancy Connell

Four Murdered in Attack on
Jerusalem Synagogue Worshipers

Photos From Scene of Jerusalem Attack

Supernatural Doors - An Invitation to Heavenly Realms

A Worthless Generation of Unforgivers
through Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Are You Inviting Demonic Spirits Into Your Home?


A Powerful Prophetic Promise for the Weary

If perception is reality, then a godly perspective of your trials and tribulations can deliver you from your worst enemy: your own unrenewed mind...


Congress Pulls Rank in Military Debate

There may not be atheists in foxholes, but there sure are a lot of quiet Christians. With religious freedom under attack in America’s military, most...


What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality

One night I was reading the stories of people who had left the church because they thought God hated them simply because they were attracted...


Is Giving Someone the ‘Silent Treatment’ Really Like Witchcraft?

Spiritual witchcraft is real and I've written plenty about it in recent weeks because the spiritual climate tightens in midst of demonic fall celebrations like...


Are You Inviting Demonic Spirits Into Your Home?

Is there something in your life and home inviting demonic spirits? Today we allow so many ungodly things to enter our homes. Our lives are...




Please Keep This Project Lifted In Prayer
Newtons Riddle
by Minister Neill Russell

Newton's Riddle from Neill Russell on Vimeo.








Rev. Alan Farkas


Rhema Word Through Logos









Never Give Up - Bill Wilson

A longstanding Daily Jot reader wrote recently expressing in just a few sincere words what many feel on a daily basis. He wrote: "I pray...


Will He Be Stopped

A disagreement between Republican lawmakers over a proposed strategy to block President Barack Obama's coming immigration mandate took a nasty turn on Thursday as a...


Research Reveals 'Eye-Opening Escalating' Pornography Stats

Published in the 2014 edition of The Christian Apologetics Journal, the article details the current state of Internet pornography, its real world consequences as it...


Demons Bowed as Jesus Visited Us! Jay Bartlett

My friends this international mission is blessed. In many of our meetings now we are encountering the ascended Lord in a very tangible manner. Yes,...


In the Shadow of His Glory

Have you ever wondered what the Glory of God really looks like? I have. I have watched the great revival meetings of the past on...



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